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Memories of Mumbai

the gateway to India

My first impression of Mumbai did not last long. Originally, I thought I wouldn’t like this part of our 4-day trip in India because friends who’ve been here in this part of the world offered me horror stories about their stay here. I dare not tell those kinds of stories in this blog. But one thing I realize, for travelers, this city is like a pot of gold.

Since I opened this hub, my first thought was to start making a recap of the places I’ve visited. The first is my blog on our Shanghai trip in 2007. After Shanghai, my second destination is Mumbai. We flew here just after we whizzed through Shandong, a quiet town in China. I have to admit though I wasn’t really enthusiastic to come here (back then). I would have preferred a more sophisticated, modern city in Asia but since this travel is work-related, I can’t complain. When we arrived at the airport, jetlag is taking its toll as well as exhaustion, sleepiness and hunger. (Though we had plenty to eat at the plane during the 7-hour flight). We only had about six hours to sleep.  Luckily, we checked in at a five-star hotel, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel so we were able to rest comfortably. I woke up the next day feeling refreshed and felt a sudden thrill at realizing I am visiting one dream getaway preferred by more adventurous tourists.

Considered as the richest city in India, this place formerly known as Bombay, conjures up images of Bollywood, of belly-dancing, of exoticism—when I was here I couldn’t help notice the strong British influence and yet it retained its identity as a unique  city. I was amazed at the colorful tapestry I see draped at some walls. And the carpet…the CARPETS! I couldn’t resist taking a picture where I was standing.

I did not expect our hotel is near what they called the Gateway to India which is a popular tourist spot. Amazing! We stayed here for one day and late in the afternoon, we flew to New Delhi. Though our stay was short, Mumbai made an impressive impact on me.

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