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Loving Japanese food

tamago sushi, miso soup and chawan mushi

Do you like Japanese food? I would never understand you if you don’t. Who wouldn’t love to eat tempura, ramen, maki and sushi? I love to eat, but if I’m asked what my ultimate comfort food is, I would say any Japanese dish would do.

After a long day at work, I would hie off to a familiar Japanese restaurant anywhere in the Metro and try different dishes every time I visit. It was not long before I developed a knack for Jap food. So that was before.

Now Japanese food has become sort of a comfort food for me. I can’t explain it, but to stress my point, I would prefer eating at a Japanese resto than ordering some French fries and burger at McDonalds or Jollibee. I would settle for a maki or a ramen than a sundae or an apple pie from a popular fast food chain. Though I still eat at fast food joints, I just feel satisfied whenever I get to eat Jap food.

But I got immersed on Japanese food when I visited Tokyo. Imagine, a Japanese diet for 14 days. It was a challenge: could I really make it through 14 days eating Japanese dishes morning, noon and night and even during snacks? The answer: YES. I made it through!

I ordered this Katsudon with a side dish at a vending machine in Tokyo
the grilled salmon, miso soup, steamed tofu and a bowlful of rice i had for lunch
yakisoba at a hole-in-the-wall eating joint in Shinjuku
pork ramen
sushi at Tsukiji: this is chirashidon
the bento box (combo meal) i had at Shizuoka prefecture. it includes cold noodles

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