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Korean food trip

Late last month, a friend dragged me to go on a food trip with her. She chanced upon a Korean restaurant in an unfamiliar street in Vito Cruz, Manila. She’d been to Seoul and missed eating authentic Korean food.

So I went with Angie and it turned out the Korean resto was some sort of a modest cafeteria that caters to Koreans living here in Manila. They were actually two restaurants side-by-side. We also found out that street, (just across Harrison Plaza and Rizal Memorial Stadium) were occupied mostly by Asian foreigners, mostly Koreans, I think—but we also saw a Japanese restaurant opposite the Korean restos. If you walk a little more you’d see a Persian restaurant just around the corner.

We were the only Filipino customers when we went inside. And here I thought: this is my chance to familiarize myself with Korean cuisine since I have plans to go there one day. However, there’s one thing that I can’t accept with Korean food: and that’s Kimchi.

It’s not that I hate spicy food. I’ve eaten Kimchi once but I’ve always known, I’m not used to eating anything that’s remotely spicy.

But not all Korean food is hot. I like the beef bulgogi, japchae, and maki we ordered in that restaurant.

beef bulgogi




the various Korean side dishes that come with our meal


Promise: I’ll try other Korean food joints 🙂


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