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A toast to Toast Box

For those of you guys who like toast, I suggest you head to Toast Box.

The first thing that comes to mind when I chanced upon Toast Box in Greenbelt 5 was breakfast. I was scouting for a perfect meeting place where I and a girl friend could have a nice chat over dinner in Makati when I suddenly saw this restaurant at the third level that I thought I’ve never seen before. You see I’m familiar with this area but I did not see this resto just until last month, or maybe it’s because I’m not going up the third floor of this building too often.

I coaxed Michelle into trying this restaurant and thankfully, she agreed. We were instantly greeted by a waft of toasted bread. The atmosphere here would make you want to have breakfast for dinner or lunch. But it’s late in the evening and I am famished. I want something heavy. Thankfully, apart from toasted bread, Toast Box also offers other dishes such as Hainanese Chicken with rice, some soups and noodles. I ordered Nasi Goreng.  I was actually torn because the smell of bread toasts is making me want to change my order. But I was resolute. I vowed to return and try their other specialty next time. But ordering the Nasi Goreng was not bad, after all. I found I made a good choice.

Last week, I stopped by Greenbelt and as I have promised myself, I’ll try Toast Box again. I went here during lunch time. I tried their Kaya Toast set which includes two soft-boiled eggs and ice tea. For  bread lover like me, I truly looovee it!


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