gustatory exploits

Baking in high school

It was Saturday and my mom and I were catching up on some house work  when she discovered something I’ve long forgotten. Whoa?! I couldn’t believe it… it’s a photocopy of my notes about Cakes and Frostings during my high school days.

My name is written on the upper left side portion. I was third year high school and the subject is Technology and Home Economics. The paper has yellowed. I could distinctly remember we had sort of a baking class before. We were about 10 in a group and we made a chiffon cake complete with frosting. I could not recall how we did it but our teacher then was very patient teaching us the rudiments of making a cake. I couldn’t remember if we ever got a high grade or we just had a good grade. But I remember, the competition was quite stiff. Each group tried their best making their cakes look the best. The cake presentation was judged by the school’s top officials. Oh! I miss those days…

Flipping through the pages, I was refreshed on some basic information on cakes, the types of cakes, cake ingredients, principles of mixing cakes, baking cakes and making frostings. There are also tips on how to frost a cake and insights on the nutrient contributions of cakes. Great! This is going to help me when I decide to start on making my first cake.

This is after all a timely discovery for me and mama. I’m bent on learning more about baking. And my mom, for her part, found copies of her notes about dressmaking and patterns. While I like to cook, my mom likes to sew.

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