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Marveling at Indian art

I’m not an art connoisseur,  but when I see one good masterpiece I know how to appreciate it. Because the fact is that all about life is art. And artistic works should be esteemed in detail. Not just  something scanned by the eyes and forgotten the next day.

Probably the time I got to really know how to value artistic works was during my sojourn to India. I think I did mention in my blog, Reminiscing Taj Mahal,  how awesome and magnificent the Taj Mahal is, this domelike marble mausoleum. However, my amazement at Indian art did not stop with this popular tourist site. Good thing I had a chance to get a peek of Indian art heritage. At least during my visit, I got a chance to see three contemporary art in which India is known for: architecture, sculpture and arts and crafts.

After visiting the Taj Mahal, my group visited a marble art store in Agra before heading back to New Delhi hoping for a chance to buy some good souvenir items. Inside the store we were ushered into a sculptor’s workshop and saw some of them at work …

These are actually precious stones that can be found in India which are cut, formed painstakingly and incorporated very carefully into marble pieces.

Like this…

and this…

I noticed, though that elephants seem to be an integral part of Indian art. Probably because in India’s history and culture, elephants symbolizes as raining clouds, fertility of crops, the conception of womanhood, the sign of fecundation of mother goddess, the guardian of quarters, the symbol of the Sun and also of the Buddha and Mahavira.

Afterwards, we hied off to see another Indian cultural shop were they sell jewelry. Upon entering, we were  blocked by this huge tapestry designed with precious stones encased in a glass panel.

and looking up close…

gush…hehehe…we wonder if the shop was heavily guarded.  Because aside from this tapestry, one could also see these inside…

…if only I can take this Taj Mahal tapestry home. I think it cost thousands of dollars. Well, I’m not even sure if it was up for sale…

…more nice Vedic art…

…that I wanna bring with me…

…is this glittering Indian pouch bag…

…another elephant sculpture adorned in jewelry.

behind me are the jewelries showcased at the shop. wished i could have one...

…and that’s about it. I won’t tell what souvenirs I’ve bought for myself.


2 thoughts on “Marveling at Indian art

  1. what museum was that tapestry of the taj mahal at? Haven’t seen anything like that before and would love to find out more.

    1. hi frank! thanks for dropping by my blog. unfortunately we didn’t get to know the name of the store. but i remember it is also in Agra because that was the last stop we had before we got back to the city. that tapestry was really majestic, isn’t it?

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