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One of my friends complained I’ve been writing too much of my travels abroad, neglecting to journal my local trips here in my own country. He accused me of being unpatriotic! even when I defended that I had only been to select cities in Asia. I know in my heart, I AM NOT! I love the Philippines.

So for now, I am going to take a rest writing about my travels abroad. I scoured my pix archive and found at least two albums of my vacation in Boracay. I’ve been here twice and I’m raring to go back a third time, fourth time, fifth time… I don’t think I’d stop wanting to be here especially during summer (the ideal time to visit this place). Its sandy shores and gorgeous beaches was the reason it was hailed as the “Travelers’ Choice 2011″ award by TripAdvisor and entered the Top 10 Islands list in the Travel + Leisure travel magazine World’s Best Awards 2011. (Source: Wikipedia) The Philippines has been hailed for having the best beaches in the world and Boracay is just one of them.

The first time I visited, I thought to myself, “I’m a lucky Filipina who got to Bora.” I envied my mom before ‘coz she was the first in the family to get here before I got to do so. I had school at that time so I wasn’t allowed to tag along. I finally got the chance in 2007, even though I was there to work. But as they say: all work and no play ain’t no fun at all.

posing with my girl friends
lounging lazily and trying to evade the summer heat


I could definitely say that the best time to appreciate the island’s white sand beaches and tranquil sea is at sunset. While frolicking at the waters, our group was taking turns having our pictures taken with the quiet sea as our backdrop.

The group I was with settled into a budget hotel at Station 3 where most affordable hotels are situated. It was also the pick up and drop points for tourists who ventured into island hopping and some fun water activities like diving and boat racing. To enjoy uninterrupted fun, we walked towards Station 2 where there are more people. Station 2 is also where the party is. There’s lots of street food, restaurants, souvenir shops and more shops, internet cafes and more hotels at this juncture. Walk a bit more and there’s Station 1 where premium hotels are situated. Swimming here is quieter and more enjoyable even though its a long walk from Station 3.

Apart from the white sand beaches and luxurious resorts, there are endless buffets along the way. No one gets hungry here whether you’re on a budget or not.

Island-hopping was definitely on top of our list. Never mind if the waves were high at that time. It’s part of the fun anyway.

my friend Rio and I were unmindful of the big waves

Good thing, as a precaution, we were provided life vests. Eventually, the weather improved and our island-hopping experience was more than enjoyable.

us wearing our life vests on


hurray! we reached our destination safely, thank God!


my friend got's a good view here..


on our way inside the cave. we have to hold on tight to the rope and secure our belongings

I’ve never tried spelunking but its always an invigorating experience to be adventurous.



It’s so difficult to crouch and pass through that tiny opening to get to the other side. Our legs hurt and I haven’t even had a proper exercise.

But it was worth it…



somebody shot a pic of me coming out of the mouth of the cave and i thought this is just perfect!


going back while our legs are still wobbly


ooops! careful sis, the water isn't cooperating...


rest, pic, rest, pic...that's all we do...


going back to station 3


there''s another island that captured our attention


We stopped momentarily to enjoy the scenery. By this time, the weather had improved. Suddenly there was this man in a banca selling fresh buko juice. We couldn’t resist calling him out. We’re so thirsty!

sipping buko juice in the middle of the sea

…and while we’re at it, one of us went down to take a peek at the corals.


If we had our way, we would definitely have stayed the whole day going to other islands. But as it is, we were pressed for time. Nevertheless, it was such a marvelous experience for a first-timer  in Bora like me.






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