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Lounging at Caffe Ti Amo

These days, I find myself often scouting for coffee shops where Wi-Fi services are readily available.  I want to score for one that offers good ambience as well as good food so I can feel at ease while trying to beat the deadline. One day, when me and my friend Jen, a fellow writer, made the rounds at Greenbelt 5 in Makati City, we chose to lounge at Caffe Ti Amo, the newest gelateria that opened in this posh, upscale mall.

Another girl friend  introduced this to me a few months ago and at that time, we tried their gelatos. I wasn’t really ecstatic, so I just ordered a  vanilla gelato in a small sized cup. It tasted sweet but not too sweet.  I got intrigued by this shop especially after seeing some customers order a gelato dunked in hot coffee.  I thought to myself, I’ll come here some other time again when I’m not in a hurry and sample their other menus and that intriguing dessert.

That chance came last month on a weekend when Jen and I had to find a place where we can access Wi-Fi easily so we can work fast. It’s a good thing there were not many customers when we got inside and so, we had a great time hanging out and posing for FB-worth pix.

Jen ordered first and settled for a hot tea…

While I thought it best to order the intriguing dessert. It’s called Affogato...

Affogato is a popular Italian dessert. It’s gelato drowned in hot espresso and topped with cashew nuts for an added crunch and texture. The combination of hot espresso and cold gelato gives out a really refreshing sensation in the mouth! I looove it! 😀

affogato by Caffe Ti Amo

Reading some news online, I learned Caffe Ti Amo is a South Korean franchise brought to the Philippines by Jollibee Foods Corp. Aside from Greenbelt 5, Caffe Ti Amo also has branches located in The Annex in SM North EDSA and in SM Manila. I don’t know if there’s another branch opening at The Fort.

I passed by this store another time and tried one of their waffle offerings. I demolished my plate in a flash.

I will definitely come back here to sample their other offerings. I haven’t tried their other menus which are a must try. Nevertheless, I think I’m content to sit back and relax and enjoy lounging at Caffe Ti Amo…


2 thoughts on “Lounging at Caffe Ti Amo

  1. I’m a mainstay of Caffe Ti Amo in SM Manila. 😀 Naku, now people know where to find me if I ever go to SM MNL with my laptop… 😀

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