itchy feet cravings

Boracay, the second time around

Who says Boracay’s only good during summer? Well, I doubt that. Certainly, I’ve tried visiting Bora during an off-peak season—January, in fact. And I appreciate it better than vacationing here on a scorching time of year.

panoramic view of the island from the top of Nami Resort Boracay

Really, it’s liberating to be here at a time few people would meander about. When I and three other friends had the chance to visit Bora last year, we were excited, not even taking in the overcast skies that are telling us a storm is brewing. Though January is a wet season in the Philippines, it doesn’t dampen our itchy feet cravings.

Since we’re staying in a hotel at Station 1, we had more room for some solitude and quiet space. A welcome relief after months of toxic work in Manila.

at Sea Wind Boracay island

Though we weren’t able to go island hopping and join some water activities, we had a great time …

…going on a food trip, day …

…and night…

…souvenir/window-shopping; checking out stylish flip-flops on sale…

…trying out street food, like the chori burger…

…of course, sightseeing is a must. this grotto is cool.

…picture-taking too!

It’s also perfect time for a long walk along the white sandy shores and trekking up early in the morning for a great exercise…

Time flies so fast and when you’re in Bora, you would wish you live in a place like this or have a one month vacation here.   Three days is not enough, but still it’s worthwhile.

Truly, travel occasions like this are never a downer. 🙂

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