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From the land of Kimchi, K-dramas and K-pop

N Seoul Tower

I missed blogging these past few weeks. October is a very hectic month for me seriously because it’s the month I celebrate my birthday. But I believe I have a reason to celebrate because this time I marked the week by vacationing at the city of Seoul where the popular “Hallyu” wave emanated.

For five exhilarating days with Jenny (one of my travel mates and a practical fashionista) in tow, we explored Seoul and immersed ourselves, albeit temporarily, into their culture, interesting historical sites, South Korean cuisine and a whole lot more. It wasn’t enough but it was definitely a start. Both of us were enchanted that until now we felt we’ve been time-warped.

First of all, I thank God for this opportunity. Months before we were set to fly to Seoul, we were pressed for deadlines, a little anxious over visa requirements (it’s free though if you’re visiting South Korea for less than 59 days), had a little difficulty finding a temporary shelter to stay in the city and of course, pooling our finances. But through it all, God’s hand was with us and with His provision, His help and divine guidance we were able to have fun, explore the city’s core and come back home to Manila safe and sound and nary an incident of negativity.

Special thanks to Raquel Perez who is in Seoul completing her Master’s degree. Who woke up at the break of dawn just to fetch us at the Incheon International Airport (IIA) and gave us a first-day tour at the Gyeongbukgong Palace and gave us interesting tips in using the subway, eating and dining Korean-style and giving us scoops and practical tips where we can shop without maximizing our budget.

Our gratitude also to the people at Beewon Guesthouse in Insadong—for helping us understand traveling in style need not be expensive. You guys rock!

And of course, I’d like to thank my mom for praying for our safety and of course for permitting us on this trip.

I agree with the practical fashionista: our journey to Seoul made our faith stronger and experience the goodness of God which was manifested in so many ways inexplicable. I’ll tell about it in the next few days. Right now, just let me bask in the glorious aftermath of our “Seoul”-ful experience.

Kamsahamnida!  😀

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