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Food Trip: Tokyo Cafe

There were few people eating inside when I, with some close friends, entered Tokyo Cafe at SM Mall of Asia. I had long wanted to sample the food at this Japanese  outlet whenever I pass this mall but just hadn’t had time to do so. I decided to give it a try when we opted for a food trip.

Like a magnet, I was drawn to this restaurant because of the mouthwatering food displayed through the glass that you can see from the outside.

I remember waiting for some time before our orders arrived after settling at  their comfy tables. My stomach was growling and I was muttering to my friends that the food better taste good so it would be worth the wait.

And when our first two orders arrived, I sighed and started forking the Calamari and Shrimp salad and their Tokyo Ceasar salad. What a surprise–it was good! (Or maybe we were just too hungry?)

After waiting for around five minutes, our fried chicken arrived. We selected the Chicken in a Basket in their menu, Japanese-style crispy fried chicken, which you can order by size choices in 3, 5 and 7 pieces. Just the smell of  hot fried chicken made me instantly grab one piece and munch on the french fries that goes with it.

Another five minutes passed and our Margherita pizza followed. I’m already full, but I didn’t want to be left out on this one!

After a while, we started noticing that its getting crowded inside. It was starting to get noisy but then we welcomed it. It means people patronize this resto because it offers good food. We made a good choice.

We topped off our food trip with a Peaches and Cream Crepe for dessert. It was heaven! I loved the ice cream that goes with it and the light syrup which was refreshing rather than overwhelmingly sweet.

Weeks after, when my mom and I went on a shopping spree at MOA, I convinced her to try Tokyo Cafe so I can try the other menus offered. As I experienced earlier, our food took quite some time before it was served to us. My mom was getting irritated but I urged her to wait.

And so when our orders arrived, we demolished our plate of Creamy Salmon pasta and the Omurice we ordered.

Our drinks arrived much earlier. I was a bit disappointed with my iced latte but my mom was grinning with her choice of Cafe Jelly smoogee. How I wish I ordered the latter.

If you’re asking me if it’s worth visiting a third time, I’d say yes. I actually did  and ordered a light snack of their tuna sandwich which I rate 8/10 (with 10 as the highest).

I’ve had much better but Tokyo Cafe can be a haven for foodies looking for quality and affordable eats. It’s also an ideal place to hang out with family and friends. 🙂

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