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Bonding at Theme Parks

It’s always at this time of year when amusement parks in the country are teeming with people. Usually, November to January next year are the busiest and exciting months to visit theme parks. I’ve had my share of unforgettable experiences with friends and family at Boom na Boom and Star City in Pasay City and Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna. But lately, I haven’t stepped inside any of these popular theme parks here.

One December evening, as I was walking on my way to a Christmas party held at a restaurant near SM Mall of Asia, I was stunned with the night view of the bay park adjacent the mall. There’s this giant Christmas tree lighted that made me momentarily nostalgic of childhood yuletide memories. I was a bit teary-eyed because I miss those years, wishing I could turn back time. Still, I caught myself and just took a picture to capture the moment.

The next day, I sorted through old photos but wasn’t lucky to find any pictures of  my previous visits to local theme parks. Not surprising since I think it’s been 10 years since I’ve gone to these parks. So I settled with the pics I had when I and mom  visited Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park just last February of this year.

It was so good to feel like a kid again. And it was here we’ve had that chance, plus bonding time!

My main objective in going to Ocean Park, is to see a panda. I’ve been raring to see a panda in real life after watching Kung Fu Panda 1 (I watched the second part too!). At Ocean Park HK, I saw these adorable creatures and was amazed myself.

And of course, sea life-watching is a must.

As it is, I’ve lost the appetite for extreme rides, so when we assessed the cable car and found the long queue of people at the end booth, we decided to forego riding it. My mom is also afraid of heights. I’m sad we didn’t take the chance to ride this.

So what we did was take the train that cuts through the hill and transports us to the other side of the park. The view here was so marvelous and breathtaking!

Since we’re not keen on sampling the rides, we settled for the dolphin show.

On the other hand, our visit to HK Disneyland was brief but meaningful.

We strolled the grounds leisurely, checking on the souvenir shops,  watched the colorful sights along the way and incessantly took pics.

We entered Tarzan’s abode and rode the express train…

It’s been 11 months since but I sincerely miss HK Disneyland and Ocean Park. I wish 2012 wouldn’t be too busy a month for me so I can have the chance to come back here. 🙂

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