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I’m Walking on Sunshine…

It was hot and cloudy in Manila that day when McDonalds Philippines introduced their newest product line: the four McFloat Summer Medley at their El Pueblo, Ortigas branch, last week. The muggy weather plus the usual traffic in EDSA is making me irritated as I tried to hasten my way to the venue.

I was late. But not too late, I guess, for lunch. I found my three other MFJ teammates already seated and chomping off their crispy Chicken McDo. Good thing, Angie, Jen and Gelo had reserved a seat for me so that when I arrived I immediately ‘attacked’ my lunch with gusto.

Catching up with their conversation, Angie told me I wasn’t too late. Xian Lim hasn’t arrived.

I replied: “Sino yun?”  (Who’s he?)

“Ano ka ba? My Binondo Girl.”—goodness! .. I didn’t think I’d know the guy because I hadn’t been avidly following MBG. But I do know about this TV series aired over “Kapamilya” ABS-CBN and of Kim Chiu.

And so when the actual event started and the four new different flavors of McFloat were presented the four of us eagerly squeezed our way inside the room upstairs packed with people excited to see Xian Lim.

And when he was finally introduced, I’d say McDonalds’s didn’t go wrong rooting for him as their next endorser—a fresh, sunny, inspiring “boy next door” bloke, who is as refreshing as the Blueberry Sprite McFloat, Four Seasons Sprite McFloat, Green Apple Sprite McFloat and Honey Banana Sprite McFloat he is promoting.

I was actually star-struck when he entered the room. He’s a tall guy and I’m impressed that he’s got a nice voice. In fact he sang for this TVC with his very own rendition of Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine.”

While he was busy talking about his career, hobbies, and childhood experiences with McDonalds, I was sipping one of the newest concoctions offered to us. I personally liked the Honey Banana McFloat flavor.

But I’m sure you’d like to try the others…


Cheers to a sunny life! 😀

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