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A Day With Skaters

Bought myself a new pair of shoes. It’s been a while since I went shopping. I’m currently trying to work out a busy work schedule and hadn’t had time to even unwind. Last Saturday, I decided to treat my mom, two aunts to an early mother’s day treat at Glorietta mall. I grinned when I saw that SM Makati was on sale. So after a happy merienda time with my relatives at Kamayan Restaurant, my mom and I went shopping for shoes. And there at SM Makati, I saw a pretty and cute phaeton gray Converse boots. Limited Edition. On sale. I had no second thoughts. I immediately asked the saleslady for a size 6 and settled for a 5 1/2.

Which reminds me of my date with TeamMFJ-mates at the Converse Asia Crown late last March. The Converse skateboarding event was a big hit for skateboard enthusiasts based in the Philippines. Plus, we got to see the two famous top US-based professional skaters Kenny Anderson and Mike Anderson at the event.

Kelly Anderson, preparing for take-off…
at a press conference

A lot of skaters were already trying out their slick moves at the raised platform set up at the Mindanao parking lot at Trinoma. Some of them are actually joining the competition and vying for the title of being the first official skateboarding ambassador of Converse Philippines and will compete in a skateboarding event in China.

We, spectators (because we’re not into skating), made a pitch for Converse’s latest Spring Summer Collection at the sides.

If I had done my shopping right then and there, I would probably go over my credit limit with my HSBC credit card. Buti na lang, I was able to restrain myself from being an impulsive buyer and just wait for the right time. To get my mind out of shopping, I went back to the platform and settled to watch the heart-stopping board moves of participating skaters.

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