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Experiencing Petronas

If you’re in Malaysia, a dizzying experience at KL Tower is not enough. Make sure to go visit Petronas Twin Towers when you’re in Kuala Lumpur which I did on the second day of my KL trip.

I was in Malaysia last month and flew here via AirAsia. I was glad that part of the itinerary which was laid out by the Tourism Malaysia authorities for the group of Filipino tourists (which I joined) was a visit to the second highest skyscraper of Malaysia. Our first day was marked by a late dinner at the KL Tower since we arrived here already late in a Saturday evening. After a quick breakfast at the Grand Millenium Hotel where we were billeted, we immediately boarded the coach bus and hurried to the site.

I was just immediately awed at this gleaming structure of steel and glass. It has become the symbol of Malaysia’s symbol of economic prowess. And here, I thought the KL Tower was grand, but as soon as we entered the premises, the feeling was just exhilarating.

posing inside Petronas Twin Towers with two replicas of F1 race cars as a backdrop

I only saw New York’s tallest building, the World Trade Center, on TV when it was brought down during the September 11 attacks. But like the WTC,  Petronas version of twin towers is joined together at the middle by a Sky Bridge. Our tour guide, a funny guy named Eddie Chok rambled that the team of engineers and architects who conceptualized this edifice thought of the 9-11 experience when they considered building a connecting link between the two buildings that can be used during emergency purposes lest a terror attack the likes that happened to WTC strikes KL’s Petronas Towers.

I’m glad that we arrived here early and that there’s no need for us to line up to get tickets. Operating hours starts at 9 a.m. and you can buy tickets online. While the others were busy lining up the ticket booth I took the opportunity for some photo-ops.

trying to solve a quiz at one of the touch screen electronic displays at the lounge…
my ticket…
virtually amazed and curious…
Welcome to Petronas!

Our ticket took us to the Observation Deck at Level 86. I couldn’t believe we reached the 86th floor that fast, huh! But when we stepped out of the elevator, I was definitely shocked to see that indeed, after taking in our surroundings, we are almost (but not quite)  on top of the world.

We had 20 minutes to savor our stay at the Observation Deck. Here you can take time to see KL’s cityscape at a nice pace and angle. The brochure handed to us is right: it is really an “exhilarating” experience once you reach the top of Petronas.

KL city’s landscape

sighting the pinnacle of the neighboring Tower

We made our way down to the Sky Bridge and found another dimension to our discovery of Petronas.

According to the information I got on the website, the bridge is supported by a “three-hinged arch” consisting of giant round bearings at the base and a pair of legs 51 metres in length. The base of the arch is located at level 29 of each tower, while the cylindrical legs are bolted to a box girder at the centre of the bridge. So I guess it’s pretty safe even if you attempt to make a jump shot while your here. Other than that, the view from the Sky Bridge is equally exhilarating like when we were at the Observation deck.

I was a bit sad that our visit to Petronas wrapped up a little abruptly. I know there is so much to see inside. However, we are in a hurry to see our next destination and some of us were already itching to go shopping. Oh! But I did shop a little for some souvenirs here on our way out. Thanks to our trusty tour guide Eddie who lent us 100 Malaysian Ringgit when we couldn’t find any money changer at the site.  We were told it was still closed because it was still too early in the day.

Anyway, I am just so thankful that I had the chance to experience Petronas. If ever I have another chance to come to Malaysia, I will try to come up here again and explore the grand towers further at my own pace.