gustatory exploits

Chocolates and Churros @ the BayLeaf, Intramuros

There’s this new coffee shop near our office headquarters in Intramuros, Manila which got me really impressed. I’ve been eyeing it for some months now but never really got the nerve to go up there. Until one fine morning, when I decided to have some coffee after leaving the office building.

Much to my delight,  I learned this shop serves more chocolate drinks than coffee. But I ordered a cappuccino, which didn’t disappoint. So to make my short visit worthwhile, I decided to hang around inside a bit more while reading the newspaper and watching college students go about the place.

Before, a McDonald’s restaurant stands in the place where the BayLeaf’s Cioccolata Churros Cafe is now situated. That was about 10 years ago, I think. Couldn’t remember. But now a new building has sprung up. The BayLeaf is now home to this charming and cozy chocolate and coffee shop which clearly has become a favorite hang out of college students studying at nearby universities in Intramuros. There’s another restaurant across this choco/coffee shop which I promise to visit on another day.

My eyes feasted on the pastries displayed and I was tempted to buy one, until I saw one customer who ordered churros.  I figured I’d better try this one since its only P75. I waited for around 20 minutes for my churros and decided to just have it wrapped and take it to the office.  The just the smell of cooking churros made me hungry all the more. When it was ready, I resisted the urge to open my take-out package while I dashed outside to call for a taxi.

I left Cioccolata making a mental note of their menu so I would know what else to try next time I make the rounds in Intramuros. The churros was superb!–crisp, moist and the molten choco dip was heavenly. I’m raring for more! 😀

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