gustatory exploits

Mango and Kesong Puti salad

I’m foregoing meat this week, or so I’ll try. I decided to come up with a salad I’m familiar with.  It’s typical of a green salad but I’m tossing in my favorite cheese: the local kesong puti  that I bought at the supermarket. It’s the Filipino version of a cottage cheese made from unskimmed carabao’s milk. I super like kesong puti because it’s not too salty. So for this salad recipe I made, I only tossed in half a cup of cubed kesong puti, slices of cucumber, lettuce, and diced ripe mangoes  and coated it in 3 tablespoons of my choice of balsamic vinegar dressing. After putting it all in a plate, I topped with ready-made croutons and viola! I have an Asian-inspired Mango and Kesong Puti green salad.

2013-02-17 11.41.49

2013-02-17 11.42.00

How I love staycation especially during Lenten season!

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