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Sweet Seoul Spring


Oh my! Time flies so fast and I neglected to even post a miniscule event in my life this April. Indulge me. I had a few things to do this month. It’s my mom’s birthday and I’ve been agitated as it is, after deciding (since last year) that we will spend her birth anniversary one fine spring day in Seoul. After all, I promised her I would bring her there one day so she could get a glimpse of even this part of South Korea for once in her life and not just on cable TV.


As they say in travelogues, preparation is key. But nothing, absolutely nothing, prepared me for this, when just weeks before we were about to board our Cebu Pacific flight, rumors of impending war between the North and South Korea is teetering on the edge. I was almost about ready to cancel our flight and accommodations. But something inside me told me that I just had to go: nuclear war be damned. I just had to fulfill that promise. So even if My Mom was ready to give up her aspirations to go to South Korea, I made every effort to convince her to go and that its safe and nothing will happen. Just pray.


And so we did. And now we’re back. I’m glad we did not back down. I’m thankful God gave us enough courage to go forth. Life is too short to worry about such things. That’s  the reason why we have a God we trust.


The six days we spent here wasn’t enough. I would have wanted to stretch our vacation a week further except that I know it’s not possible. I miss a lot of things, the cold weather, the warm people, the cherry blossoms and tulips, the culture and the sights but I know I wouldn’t stop there. It only emboldens me to come back for another round to drink of South Korea’s wonderful sights and taste.


I say no to war,  cheers to life! Gunbae! 🙂

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