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I’ve been to Tsukiji twice—once when I was in Tokyo, and once in Manila.

I don’t remember my visit to that famous fish market until I got invited to dine at one of the famed best Japanese restaurants in Makati City.

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It was in 2010 when I had lunch at Tsukiji sushi restaurant together with a group of ASEAN journalists who were with me in a two-week fellowship program in Japan. Before arriving at the venue, we passed by the  large market where almost all cooks,  professional chefs and ordinary folks in town troop to for fresh fish, fruits and vegetables–but mostly for fresh fish.

I wasn’t able to join the group when they decided to visit the market on their own again at dawn around two days before the fellowship ended. But I remembered them telling me how they were restricted from going inside some sections in the market. They were also barred from taking pictures of the place.

But like in any other places, sushi at Tsukiji is also expensive. Nevertheless, you can be sure that what you are having here is an authentic and fresh sushi experience. You can never go wrong with that.

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At Tsukiji restaurant in Paseo de Roxas, Makati City, I was able to experience Tokyo all over again.

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It’s located at the 3rd floor of the Milky Way Building, 900 Arnaiz Avenue (Pasay Rd.) cor. Paseo de Roxas, Makati. It’s close to Azuthai and Milkyway restaurants too.

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Just like in Tokyo, the food was superb. And personally, I think, way too close to the original. Except that the menu was more extensive. Here, other than fresh sushi, they also serve other authentic Jap cuisine like mixed tempura, salmon steak and the mouth-watering Wagyu beef sirloin!

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Life is good! Kampai! 😉


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