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Going for ‘green juice’

Really, I’m serious in my efforts to live and eat healthily. I recently decided to try this out: juicing green fruits and vegetables.

Another friend tried this herself, and I gradually see a change in her body and aura. It’s not about dieting. She’s not on a diet, and I am not on a diet too. It’s just about eating the right stuff.

So she shared this to me. Using an electric juicer: I shoved two celery stalks, two green apples, and one whole cucumber. And the result? A refreshing healthy green juice!


For a more nutrient-packed version, you can add in a two or three lemon wedges, a cup of malunggay leaves, a bunch of spinach and parsley, ginger.

One thing I realized after doing this for two weeks, it’s an effective colon-cleanser. Best thing is that it’s homemade. 🙂

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