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I rode the waves and I rocked it! (Surfing in Baler, Aurora)

As part of my goal to promote the beauty of the Philippines, here’s a special treat. My friend Angie recently went to Baler, Aurora with her friends for a weeklong getaway. I haven’t been here, but Baler is also one of my to die for travel-spot. One day, I’ll be able to try surfing in Baler too. Hopefully, soon…

But for now, I’ll settle reading about her adventures in Baler…

Read on… 😀

The Budjetsetter

10264826_10152366184514170_5736528383701549701_n Okay, so normally, I don’t really use exclamation points in my titles, or any part of my posts but I am making an exception right now as I regale you with the tale of my first successful surfing experience in Baler, Aurora. Forgive me for gushing, which is totally not the most ideal expression for a surfer dudette (which I’m trying to sound like) but its just because my experience was totally awesome and I’m so excited to share.

Actually, my college buddies and I weren’t even supposed to be in Baler this weekend. Our original plan was to fly to Cagayan de Oro for a whitewater adventure but it did not pan out due to an unfortunate incident with the travel agent. Still, we soldiered on and vowed to find a great place to stage our annual adventure. And that was how we found ourselves in the surfing capital…

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