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Halloween @ Universal Studios

We got to Universal Studios Japan three days after Halloween and so it didn’t come as a surprise to see people coming inside the theme park already dressed up in their best cosplay attire.



If ever you come here at this time of year, then maybe you can dress your part. After all, it can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to strut down USJ in full glamour or just wearing your favorite cartoon character costume, or be a look-alike of your favorite movie star. Had we known, I would have dressed up in a Maleficent costume or just don an outrageous wig or hair-do. Just for fun!

I think the best thing about my visit to USJ is that I remember being a kid again.  Theme parks like this really make us feel younger. Awesome! 😀






The real fun began when we rode Jurassic Park. We didn’t mind the long queue. It’s really worth it!



We were shivering a little by the time we entered Waterworld. And so it was a good thing we didn’t get wet while watching the stuntmen try drenching the audience with buckets of water. Watching Waterworld really brought to mind Kevin Costner’s science action-packed film. The stunts were tremendous I barely had time to use my camera. Here’s just some of the pictures I got to click so far…


Of course, the reason why we went to USJ–Harry Potter’s Wizarding World! This timed-entry park was of course, the best so far, I thought I was transported to the actual location where the movie was filmed. The place itself was grand but a bit crowded when we got in so we patiently waited our turn for ‘selfies’ and during a walking tour of the Hogwarts castle.



We spent the evening strolling around Universal Wonderland for a quick tour of Snoopy’s studios, Hello Kitty Fashion Avenue and Sesame Street.

That myth Hello Kitty isn’t a cat but a girl got me confused. But I did personally meet Hello Kitty and she speaks like a cute girl and still a cat.. oh crazy!




Oh well, perhaps I’ll learn more the next time I get to visit USJ. I personally, seriously think I need to follow up my USJ tour. I do hope I can bring my mom, some close friends in tow for a more hilarious and fun theme park experience. I pray, I’ll have enough budget for that. 😀


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