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Tokyo diaries: Tokyo Skytree, Sumida Aquarium

The last time I was in Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree was still under construction. Tokyo Tower was the only tourist tower attraction available as an option. That’s why the moment our 10-day Japan vacation became positive, I listed Tokyo SkyTree in our itinerary. I made a resolution to come visit this as soon as we start our Tokyo sojourn to see for myself if its anything grander than it’s original iconic tower. IMG_0007_4   The sight of the Tokyo Skytree  gleaming gloriously the night we arrived in the Asakusa district got us excited tremendously on our first night in Tokyo.. I didn’t get a chance to capture a night shot of it though, because we were so busy  looking for the Smile Hotel where we booked for an overnight stay. But its colorful lighting effects at night highlights the old town’s night sky.

Early morning the next day, we started a walking tour of Asakusa and Tokyo Skytree. The tower is very close to our hotel so we decided to walk and do some sightseeing along the way. As we strolled down the street we stopped by the bridge to capture a view of the Sumida River Park (Sumida-gawa). IMG_0009_4 We stayed on the bridge for a few minutes before walking again, trying to overtake a group of Chinese tourists who we think were also bound for the Skytree. Finally, we reached our destination. IMG_0015_4 IMG_0018_3The shops at the ground floor are still closed when we arrived, a sign we we’re a tad early than usual. IMG_0019_4   So we decided to go on a selfie-spree at the stairs on our way up the building… IMG_0025_4 IMG_0028_4 There were many people already lining up at the ticket booth when we got in. We wasted no time and immediately secured a ticket pass up to the upper observation deck, the Tembo Deck. Ticket cost Y2,060, for adults; Y1,540, for students; Y930 for children. IMG_0031_3   IMG_0035_4 IMG_0038_4     IMG_0036_4 IMG_0056_4 IMG_0065_4 Tokyo Skytree function almost much the same as the Tokyo Tower and serves as a radio and television broadcast and communications tower. There’s a special line for a photo op within the Tembo  gallery which we opted to try. We used our personal camera so we wouldn’t have to pay extra. We took some time to check out the souvenir shops. I was having a hard time deciding what to buy as a memento of my visit here. I found the souvenir items to be a bit pricey but nothing really special–mugs, keychains, notebooks…and the likes…they’re cute but nothing really special. IMG_0066_4 …until we found this: the Tokyo Skytree mint coin. IMG_0067_4 …I really think this is a much better option than the ones we saw at the shop. Plus, you can even have it personalized with your name stamped on the coin…IMG_0070_4IMG_0069_4 We left the Tower’s premises and decided to visit the nearby Sumida Aquarium within the Tokyo Skytree Town. We did so primarily to escape the bitter cold air which surprised us the moment we stepped out of the Skytree’s premises. It was made worse by the sudden downpour of rain. IMG_0071_4 I can’t remember how much the ticket cost, but I remember we only took out some coins to pay for the entrance fee. It’s not that expensive.IMG_0072_4 IMG_0074_4 IMG_0098_3There are lots of interesting marine creatures lodged here for exhibit and study. It’s actually a very educative and entertaining indoor aqua park. Most of the visitors who come here are families with young kids. If you’re traveling here with kids, I’m sure they’re going to love and enjoy this place. IMG_0102_3IMG_0107_3 IMG_0101_2 IMG_0105_3 We left the Sumida Aquarium about lunch time. Next on our IT is the Asakusa-jinja. I’ll tell you more about in my next blog: Tokyo Diaries: Asakusa. I ❤ Tokyo. 🙂

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