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Trying Cheesy Lumpiang Tikoy this Chinese NY

Once again, tikoys abound everywhere because its Chinese New Year! And this means, I have good reason to cook another batch of my favorite rice cakes that’s in every Filipino-Chinese household during this time of year.

Somebody gifted me a box of it, and I immediately put myself to work in the kitchen. A friend gave me a simple tikoy recipe (I know its not original): All you need, besides the sticky rice, are thin slices of cheddar cheese and lumpia (spring roll) wrappers, and egg wash.

What to do? Simply slice the tikoys and the cheese into thin slices, on a single lumpia wrapper, put one slice of tikoy and top it with one slice of cheese, wrap everything and close the edges with egg wash. Repeat until all the wrappers are used.




Deep fry the lumpiang tikoy  in a deep fryer (a wok would do if you have none, just make sure the oil is hot before sliding the lumpiang tikoy). Drain in paper towels.

Other than cheese, you can try sweet ham slices, bananas and nangka (jackfruit). If you’re using nangka sprinkle some muscovado sugar on each piece before closing up the wrapper. I’m sure you can make a batch of different versions all at once.


You can serve this crunchy dish as a snack or appetizer and it will go very well with a cheese dip or mayonnaise. Me? I prefer to eat it plainly like this. 🙂



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